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CCTJV Partners

C&C Development / Tucci & Sons Joint Venture LLC (CCTJV) is a proud participant in the SBA All Small Mentor-Protégé program (SBAMPP). The SBAMPP is a short-term program designed to give small businesses the support they need early on to be able to stand alone in the future. As part of the ASMPP, a joint venture is formed between the mentor and the protégé. The ASMPP also provides that the joint venture be treated as a small business and eligible for any of the protégé’s sheltered market statuses. CCTJV enrolled into the Mentor- Protégé program with the goal to enter additional markets and engage new customers in Washington. Established in 2019, CCTJV serves the PNW with expansive road construction services. They are dedicated to achieving the highest level of innovation, diverse business inclusion and excellence on every construction project. 


C&C Development 

C&C Development is a Yelm Property Development, LLC company (C&C). They are a twenty-year old veteran owned full-service general contractor. C&C Development's service areas include earthwork and excavation, site civil, construction management services, vertical construction and specialty construction. C&C has performed construction projects ranging from small commercial to the development of five different neighborhood subdivisions located as far north as Kirkland, WA, and as far south as Yelm, WA. Revenue streams for C&C’s operations have ranged from as low as $3.5MM annually to as high as $4.2MM. To date, the company has performed mostly residential and commercial projects and they are adding a greater emphasis on public sector projects to its business model.

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Tucci & Sons Inc. 

Tucci and Sons is a third generation, family-owned heavy construction company serving Pierce County. For over 70 years, Tucci and Sons has provided diverse, quality heavy highway construction services including: utilities, grading, paving, pre-construction, estimation, construction management, and joint venture partnering capabilities. Additionally, as industry leaders in asphalt production, they have the technical expertise to produce asphalt for a wide variety of projects and have led the way in asphalt and concrete recycling.Their average workload is $75 million per year, with projects ranging from under $1 million to over $10 million. In collaboration with SBA’s All Small Mentor-Protégé Program (SBAMPP), Tucci and Sons is dedicated to small business outreach and is proud to work alongside C&C Development in their Joint Venture. 

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